Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Beautiful Wife!

Hello all, I am horriable about blogging, but I am blessing you all today. YEAH!!!

I have decided today that I am going to talk about the most important person in my life, the love of my life, my soul mate, my one and only, my Kate.

Today, I sat with Kate in Divorce court for her best friend, and it really got my thoughts going. Well, number one it’s so dang boring in there, you can’t have any snacks, drinks, and you cannot talk. I have a hard time with all of this. I am a snacker, and a yacker. :) It just surprised me that these two people that just a year ago had promised each other, and their families to love for better or worse, hated each other so much. It surprised me at how selfish they both were, fighting over material things that don’t really matter. It gave my heart a smile as I looked to my left and there sat someone who was the complete opposite, how did I get so lucky to marry such a wonderful woman.

Just setting in there I just started thinking about how lucky I am. I am married to the most unselfish person alive. My sweetheart is one of those people that will get you what you need before you even realize that you need it. She amazes me with the caring and companionate heart she has. She is always thinking of others and putting their needs before hers.

She is always helping someone out, or making someone feel special in her own wonderful ways. Just the other day there is a girl in her group; I think most of you know she runs a battered woman’s group. Well the girl is pregnant and was turning 21, and really bummed out that she could not celebrate her 21st birthday. So my wife goes and gets her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, and gets candles, and has a little party for her. The girl was so happy, and so surprised, it was great.

When Kate and I got together, I fell head over heels for her. She is one of those people that just suck you in and you feel like you have been in a dream, and you don’t ever want it to end. I could never get enough of her, I still can’t. The minute she would get off the phone with me or would leave me, I could not wait until I would get to see or talk to her again. She has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things in this life; she has also taught me so much about myself. She has showed me what it really means and feels like to be deeply in love. She has loved me unconditionally, and accepted me for who I am good and bad; she has taken my life and turned it upside down, for the better. She has shown me the joys of loving and getting loved in return.

My Kate is such a wonderful, loving, patient, and kind mama, there so much love is in her eyes when she looks at our children. She always makes sure the kids know she loves them, and they love her so much. She never passes up a moment to kiss or hug them, even our oldest, and he loves it just as much as the little ones. She has given me a blue print of the kind of parent that I strive to be.

She has opened her heart to my family, and has treated them so wonderful, (I think they like her way more then they like me, not kidding.) :) - I have been threatened with my life not to mess it up with her by my mom, YIKES!

Then today, her best friend asks her to come to court with her for her divorce. The whole day was spent sitting on a hard bench. She did not even think about it, she was there because Ann needed her.

She keeps in touch with her foster kids, and truly loves them, sends them care packages, letters, calls them to check on them. She worries about them when they have not called in a while. She took kids into her home, and treated them as her own; these are kids that everyone else had given up on.

My wife has about 4 or 5 people that she knows from either church or old friends that have made bad choices, or had bad circumstances, and ended up in prison. Now, most people would write these people off, and say what horrible people they are, and how they are a waste, not my wife. She writes each of them letters every couple of days, and sends them money for their books. She treats them with respect, and helps them when the world seems so cold and hard. She offers a loving caring attitude, and friendship that each and every one of them treasures.

My love is also treasure for the PTO, not for one of our kid’s schools, but for three of them. She volunteers in each of the boys classrooms, and teaches the older kids about Safe Date. She is good at that juggling act also, she can do like five or six different tasks at one time, it’s amazing to watch. I can barley do one thing at a time; in fact there have been days where I have had to be her for the day. HOLY CRAP, I swear when the day ends I fall to pieces. :)

I know I am leaving a whole bunch of things out, but it would take me years to write all the wonderful things this beautiful wife of mine does for others, and the joy she brings to this world. She has touched so many lives, and has shown so many people what it means to be cared for and loved. She lights up the room with her beautiful smile and her laugh, oh she has a great laugh, and it’s contagious. She is a lot of fun to be around, she can always make me laugh, and can turn a gloomy day to rainbows and sunshine. (Oh so corny) But it’s true.

Well as you can tell I love this woman with everything that I have. I do love you my wife, and I think you such a blessing here on earth. The love in my heart for you is never ending, I am so grateful that God has blessed my life and put you in it. You are the greatest gift that I have ever received, and I will spend my life showing you how grateful I am for you.

Well have a great night everyone, I thought I would just share a little about an amazing woman that I have the honor of calling my wife.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I gotta win

Please go to Michelle's Path and Life in the Northwest to find out about the contest that hopefully I have already won!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok, Tag I am it...:)

Well, I guess I am it, I don’t want to be the slow kid on the playground. The one that everyone picks on because I can’t keep up so I am doing my tag.

OK 10 things about me,

1) I am married to the most wonderful woman alive. I believe with all of my heart that she is my soul mate. She loves me, and believes in me, and is by far the smartest person I know. I adore her with all of my heart.

2) I love the Denver Broncos, I have always loved them. I have been a fan ever since I was a little girl, even through the really crap years. I am true blue. My wife hates them, which drives me insane. She likes the piece of crap Dallas Cowboys, she does it just to make me crazy. Maybe she will change her mind since she found my bone stash, yeah muwhahaha - I will bury her in my Jay Cutler jersey. hee hee

3) I love coffee, I just love it. There is no better drink on this earth. I can drink it all day long. Kate's parents always bring me coffee from Maui when they come to visit, or they send me care packages. It’s so very tasty, oh coffee I love you.

4) My baby brother and I have our birthday on the same day, and we are 3 years apart. He tells everyone that we are polish twins. I say "did my parents have only one favorite day in the year to do the humpty hump or what?"

5) I hate, hate, hate, OK did I mention hate, when people eat with their mouths open. It makes me crazy, I am a total nut case about this. I gave my brother a black eye when we were kids because of the way he was eating his cereal. He went and told on me to my mom, and she said, "you should have stopped eating like that, you know it makes her crazy." - She just made me explain myself later that night at church.

6) I am a total germ freak, I don’t touch anything with my hands in a public bathroom. I open doors with paper towels, and shut off sinks with them. I flush the toilets with my foot. It’s very crazy behavior. I love the airport because you don’t have to touch anything. I wash my hands so much they are dry most of the time. I also do not eat other people's cooking, if someone brings us cookies or Christmas candies I have to pretend to eat them. I don’t know why, I just can’t get myself to do it, my stomach turns. My Kate she washes her hands and her area before she cooks, and it just makes me very happy. :) I know I am a freak.

7) Next to Kate of course my Dad is my best friend. I love that guy, he is a solid role model in my life. He is so much fun to be around, and he likes to call me about 8 times a day. We love to go watch the Broncos play, or the Nuggets. He loves to laugh, and drink coffee, as do I if you remember from number 3. :)

8) I played basketball in High School and college. I was pretty good too.

9) I love scary movies, but I am a big wuss I cover my eyes and hide behind Kate, when it gets crazy, you know when the dumb people go back into the house that the killer is in. AHHHHH, oh yeah and I yell at the people in the movie, I say, "Don't go in there, run, run, run!"

10) The Fourth of July, it is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Taya

This child, our two year old is such a turkey. She kills me with the things she says and does. This little girl is so much like her Mama, my sweet girls.

Last night I was trying to go to bed, and I came so close to getting up and blogging about her, but after my full day of standing outside naked holding my tooth brush and looking for Michelle's rock I was tired. :)

She decides to be such a love bug at the funniest times, like when I want to go to bed. So, last night she is still partying at midnight watching Barney. Yes, she still sleeps with us, we are trying to get her to sleep in her own bed, but neither one of us can out last her at night. She stays up later then her parents. Anyways she is lying beside me, and has her arm around my neck. Every time I would itch my arm, she would say, "I got it Nay Nay," and would scratch my arm for me. I would say, "Thank you Tay." Her reply is. "Your welchum." (I love how she says your welcome, it’s so cute)

So we did this for awhile, with my head and arm, I guess I was extra itchy that day, because she itched every part of my head, and arm by the time it was done. So I turned my body so that I was turned away from her, because I don’t know about you but I can only take so much torture. She will lay there and lift my eye lids, stick her finger in my nose, put her face as close to mine as she can and breath in my face until I open my eyes, and she says, “Did I scare you?”

Another thing she does which cracks me up, she will play with my hair, not gently by any means, not nice like my wife does, she reminds me of my mom when she was brushing my hair for school, in a hurry. She will just keep pulling through until I say, "Ouch," She will say, "I'm sorry," then continue through finger combing my hair.

Then we have the whole, “Nay Nay I need wahder (water) peease (please) I'm willy (really) tursty (thirsty)." So, I get her some water she gulps like she is drinking 10 gallons of the stuff, and has not had a drop of water for 2 weeks. While I am standing there as she is drinking her wahder she stops to tell me that she likes my drasses (OK this one took me time, she had to point to them, my GLASSES).

So finally I get to lie back down, and she wants to talk about what Barney is doing on the TV, it’s very exhausting with this little girl. But the funniest thing about it, I would not change it if I could she actually makes me laugh at night. She is just a nut ball, and a partier deluxe. Have a great day everyone. Jen

Does this look comfy?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hola everyone

Well, my life on unemployment has been very busy needless to say. My wife is a very busy woman; I swear she runs the town of Fort Morgan. But, she does feed me breakfast and love on my during the day, so by far this is the best job I have had in a long time.

But, I have come up with a plan, and I am in the zone about this - there is no stopping me at this point, zone...

Ok, my plan, I was offering my services as a free lance dentist to Michelle the other day, and of course my porn star pictures that my wife took of me. YEAH

I am going to start my own dental practice - I am going to be a Porn Star dentist. Hey, hey I could be fixing teeth in the nude. SWEET!!

It could be called like: Dental Dude in the Nude. Oh man the money would just roll in.

Oh, the plans that I have. lol

You all have a great day and I am taking appointments. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy Week!!!

Well hello all,

I am writing to tell some crazy stuff going on this week.

First off my two year old daughter, oh my she has been doing awesome at potty training. Well the other day, she told me that she had to go potty. I waited for a while, and no sign from her, so I called out to her, and no answer, I peeked in and I about dropped to the floor laughing. Taya was standing at the toilet, pinching her stomach, and said, "I have a wiener and I am going pee."
I just about died, number one, where she learned the word wiener I have no clue. The girl watches Barney, and Dora. So unless Boots (the monkey on Dora) is talking about his little monkey wiener, its beyond me. I had Kate come look, and Taya just looked at us both like we were the ones that were dorks. lol

Oh my do we have our work cut out for us with her, she is going to be three next month. I love having a little girl, probably because I don’t understand her at all. It’s a new world for me, but it’s so fun. Just like this morning Kate was not feeling well so I had to get her ready for school, and between the two of us we picked out an outfit that seemed to match and I combed her hair. She kind of had that Madonna look with the pony to the side, and hair sticking out all over. ha ha Oh my little girl I just love the turds out of her.

We will be sitting in the car, and a song comes on that she likes and she just starts dancing, and grooving. She does it everywhere the grocery store, restaurants, and just in the house in front of the TV. She has such an amazing personality; she will hum, and sing all the time. She loves to dance, and she shakes her little butt, and it’s so funny.

Taya has been doing great at dance class, she loves marching around with the other little girls, doing the whole toe, heel, shuffle thing. lol I love my little dancer, she is so much like her mama. She also loves to entertain people, she loves to make you laugh, and the funny part about it, I do laugh at her, we laugh all the time, I laugh out loud with a two year old. She will do crazy stuff, like she loves to announce that she has to fart. I know it’s not lady like, but it’s really funny (luckily she is shy in the public, so far anyways). This I have no question about who she learned this from, (her brothers) they are maniacs with the tooting thing. Boys and farting it’s like some kind of Olympic Games. Who can blow them the loudest and most solid? I am happy that they are all having healthy tooters, I guess. lol

Then we have the next youngest, Dylan. Oh, my Dilly he is such a cool guy, I love him so very much. He had decided a while ago that he wanted to grow out his hair, YIKES! Well, Kate and I had decided a while ago that with our children we would totally have to choose our battles with them, and hair is not a big deal it always grows out. They all have done different stuff to their hair; we have had Mohawks, different color hair, long hair, buzz hair, even a reverse Mohawk (Trey got a hold of the clippers when he was little, ha ha ). There have been some funky hair days in our house. lol

Well back to my story so my Dylan, he did this whole long hair thing, and oh it was, well let’s just it was not his best look. So, we have not said a word, but thought it all the time. lol - Well Monday night he finally said, “Mama will you give me a hair cut?"
As Kate and I did a high five behind his back, she said, "Sure Dylan, go get my stuff."

So my Dylan is back, and his hair looks great. lol

I am attaching the before and after photos, ahhhhhh kids, life is never dull my friends.

Have a great day.

Dylan before his hair cut.
Dylan after his hair cut, much better!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wrestling Starts YEAH!!!!

My boys start wrestling this week, YES!!

I love this sport, because it's really been a learning experience that the boys and I learned together. Kate is not a big fan of the mat dance, but she goes and sits with me through most of the tournaments, bless her heart. She moans and groans and stresses out the whole time the boys wrestle. Sometimes I try to figure out if it's more entertaining to watch her facial expressions or them.

Our boys are really good at sports, but I love this sport because its up to them, whether they win or loose. They work so hard, and try so hard, and learn all these crazy moves that really look cool. It's really funny because they dance around, ducking, and dodging for it seems like 20 minutes, then someone just attacks... like a caged lion.

Our son Dylan, he was amazing up until last year. He always won, every single match. He would do the same move every time, the head lock. He would take the kid down and so because he was winning all the time he thought this wrestling thing was easy. This last year he had a heck of a time trying to win a match, all those other kids he had to wrestle had his number. I said, "Bud, you are going to have to learn a new move, try something else, the headlock is not working anymore."

He had to scramble and learn some new moves. I think this year he will rise to the mat and do well, he pins his twin brother all the time, who by the way out weighs Dylan by about 20 pounds.
They seem to get it in their heads "hey if it works then stay with it". So now he watches and if a kid looks like he is new to the wrestling world then he does the old headlock move, and it works! Then he looks at me and smiles. KIDS

When we get some new pictures of the guys wrestling I will post them. They look so cool with little muscles, ooooh I mean big muscles (just in case one of them are reading this) :) Kate always says; "look at their little butts".

Well everyone have a great day, and its cold and snowing here so we are just trying to keep warm.