Monday, January 26, 2009

Wrestling Starts YEAH!!!!

My boys start wrestling this week, YES!!

I love this sport, because it's really been a learning experience that the boys and I learned together. Kate is not a big fan of the mat dance, but she goes and sits with me through most of the tournaments, bless her heart. She moans and groans and stresses out the whole time the boys wrestle. Sometimes I try to figure out if it's more entertaining to watch her facial expressions or them.

Our boys are really good at sports, but I love this sport because its up to them, whether they win or loose. They work so hard, and try so hard, and learn all these crazy moves that really look cool. It's really funny because they dance around, ducking, and dodging for it seems like 20 minutes, then someone just attacks... like a caged lion.

Our son Dylan, he was amazing up until last year. He always won, every single match. He would do the same move every time, the head lock. He would take the kid down and so because he was winning all the time he thought this wrestling thing was easy. This last year he had a heck of a time trying to win a match, all those other kids he had to wrestle had his number. I said, "Bud, you are going to have to learn a new move, try something else, the headlock is not working anymore."

He had to scramble and learn some new moves. I think this year he will rise to the mat and do well, he pins his twin brother all the time, who by the way out weighs Dylan by about 20 pounds.
They seem to get it in their heads "hey if it works then stay with it". So now he watches and if a kid looks like he is new to the wrestling world then he does the old headlock move, and it works! Then he looks at me and smiles. KIDS

When we get some new pictures of the guys wrestling I will post them. They look so cool with little muscles, ooooh I mean big muscles (just in case one of them are reading this) :) Kate always says; "look at their little butts".

Well everyone have a great day, and its cold and snowing here so we are just trying to keep warm.


  1. Our big boys wrestled last year for the first time. The oldest seemed to really be into it. I thought he would want to continue on with it. The younger one, it was too much for him. But they both decided they wanted to play basketball. And they both seem to really like it. They are both really into baseball, so they play in the Spring and Fall, and kind of hop around from sport to sport in the Winter.

    Can't wait to see some pic's!

  2. You are right My Love- wrestling is not my favorite. I hate to see my children's arms twisted in unnatural ways- not to mention the smell of the gym is not my favorite aroma.

    It is rewarding to see their smiles when they get trophies though.

    Have I told you today that I love you?