Monday, January 26, 2009

Wrestling Starts YEAH!!!!

My boys start wrestling this week, YES!!

I love this sport, because it's really been a learning experience that the boys and I learned together. Kate is not a big fan of the mat dance, but she goes and sits with me through most of the tournaments, bless her heart. She moans and groans and stresses out the whole time the boys wrestle. Sometimes I try to figure out if it's more entertaining to watch her facial expressions or them.

Our boys are really good at sports, but I love this sport because its up to them, whether they win or loose. They work so hard, and try so hard, and learn all these crazy moves that really look cool. It's really funny because they dance around, ducking, and dodging for it seems like 20 minutes, then someone just attacks... like a caged lion.

Our son Dylan, he was amazing up until last year. He always won, every single match. He would do the same move every time, the head lock. He would take the kid down and so because he was winning all the time he thought this wrestling thing was easy. This last year he had a heck of a time trying to win a match, all those other kids he had to wrestle had his number. I said, "Bud, you are going to have to learn a new move, try something else, the headlock is not working anymore."

He had to scramble and learn some new moves. I think this year he will rise to the mat and do well, he pins his twin brother all the time, who by the way out weighs Dylan by about 20 pounds.
They seem to get it in their heads "hey if it works then stay with it". So now he watches and if a kid looks like he is new to the wrestling world then he does the old headlock move, and it works! Then he looks at me and smiles. KIDS

When we get some new pictures of the guys wrestling I will post them. They look so cool with little muscles, ooooh I mean big muscles (just in case one of them are reading this) :) Kate always says; "look at their little butts".

Well everyone have a great day, and its cold and snowing here so we are just trying to keep warm.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Dance Class.. Holy Moly Dance Class

Well, after 4 boys and all the sports, and all that boy stuff, Kate and I finally have that little girl. Now let me tell you, what a little girl she is, she is everything needs to be pink, and loves to shop, and so prissy, and a drama queen from way back. lol

Well, I thought I had seen it all until that crazy Friday morning when I took Taya to dance class. Yeah, ok I grew up a tomboy, I mean I wore jeans and t-shirts, never dresses, no halter tops, no Madonna bracelets, no Olivia Newton John leg warmers, and defiantly no tutus and leotards.
These girls came to class with hair all done up, I swear make up, curls, and like those big frilly bows. There was one girl with a purple velvet leotard. Holy crap, all the tutus and pony tails and ribbons, it was complete madness. Mom's, and Grandma's primping these girls, fluffing their hair, and making sure everything looks perfect.

Well, it was my day with my baby, and you know I just can't do her hair like her Mama, and I probably don't dress her in her most girl stuff. Kate has to buy those clothes that have the matching animals - you know the ones that the tags match like all the hippo clothes go together, and the giraffes go together, you can't put a hippo and giraffe together, so when it's my day to dress her and get her ready she matches. I am a mess people, I even let her pick out her own stuff to wear, and sometimes it's interesting. Kate just gives me that look when Taya has some crazy outfit on, and her hair looks like I took a egg beater to it. I can never get that pony tail straight no matter how hard I try, and how she gets all the hair to stay in that pony tail holder is just beyond me.

So back to my story, so my baby comes in to dance with all these little Divas. They were all very cute, I am just poking fun really. Taya had a blast, after she watched for a while. I was really proud of her she marched around with them, and danced and learned how to do a crab walk, and a bridge. She learned to tap her heels and toes and do a shuffle tap thing, I think she is going to be the top of her class in no time. lol :)

So this weekend we went to Denver, and bought her every single dance thing that you need to be a successful Diva, from the shoes, to the bag, to the tutu, and of course a frilly pink leotard with hearts on it. We had to get her all the bells and whistles. It was a lot of fun for her Mama, Kate was all smiles. I think it's like when I get to take the boys and get new shoes, and equipment for wrestling, or soccer, or football. I coach their teams, and take them to all their games, we travel all over for their stuff. So, its pretty cool that Taya is getting her own little identity and her own thing, the world of Dance. :)

I do have to admit, she is the cutest little dancer I have ever seen, and she really had a great time. I kept high-fiving her when ever she would do one of the steps, and cheering her on, so I probably will be snubbed by the Moms that don't believe in slapping fives with little girls. Who knows, but it was good and it was nice to see her doing her own thing.

Well, all and all I am becoming painfully aware that my baby is growing up, she is a big girl now, a true DIVA. hee hee

Hey all have a great day, and I will blog your ear off later.

She is the Dancing Queen!

She is doing a boogie dance.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back from the dead......

Hello everyone, yes it is I Jen. I have been sick forever it felt like.

I am such a big baby when I am sick, my world crumbles, and I just could not shake this cold I had. I swear I was going crazy. I tried everything. I had been to my doctor like 4 times, I felt like a nut case. I was whining to Kate the last time I went, I said, "He is going to think I am a nut case, I keep going back and crying about my cold." She said, "Oh honey stop he keeps giving you prescriptions, so I think he knows your sick."

Yeah, so I ended up going again, but first I spent a week trying all the home remedies that everyone would tell me about. My mom told me to get a humidifier, a cool mist one, not a hot one because they don't work (that's my Mom, she heard it on the doctor show on channel 9, so it has to be true, if any of you have any aliments just call my Mom she watches that show every day and keeps notes on what everyone has, and how they can fix it). My boss told me to put Vick's on my feet, and all over my chest. So I would wake up coughing and hacking with wet hair, and smelling like a peppermint patty, with my shirt stuck to my chest. I was sucking down NyQuil and cough drops like a psycho.

So, when my ears starting hurting I decided okay, I will go again, and of course the helpful nudging of my beautiful wife to go back to the doctor. He just laughs at us, Kate told him I did not want to come, he said, "I hope you keep coming back I have to pay for my sons medical school bills." He is a funny guy.

Well to make everyone breath easier I do feel better and I am back. YEAH!!!!!! -

My beautiful wife took good care of me, and I appreciate her so much. I am such a big baby crying and boobing and she just kept me comfortable as she could and loved on me, even when I would cough all over her. She is the love of my life, and I am very blessed - Its' so good that she had the kids, because I would have died dealing with all that pain, I can't even handle a little cold.

Man, when you look in the mirror and see that big wussy staring right back at you, you say to yourself, "Dang, I am glad my wife is tough, this house is not big enough for two wieners."

Have a great night all and it is good to be back YAHOO!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am in Trouble!

Well good morning to all of you..

Well remember on my last blog I was wondering if I crossed the rude line with that comment about no one being able to cook? How I was hoping no one in my family would read the blog, hee hee.

Well Kate's best friend Ann was over here, along with my mom, (can you feel it?) yeah, so the love of my life is telling them, "have you seen our blogs"? OHHHHHH, crap I thought, and sure enough I got a whole lot of guff. Ann said "who was just eating snacks at my house the other night, I made you guy’s snacks and you liked them". Well just between you and me, I have no clue how she put those beautiful cellophane wrappers on those cupcakes, and the cheese that she so evenly placed on those Cheetos was so tasty, her talent is untapped, how could I have forgotten? So Ann if you are reading this, your talent amazes me in the kitchen, and I am humbly sorry, please forgive me. Maybe this week you can make me some Funyons or something. :) I love you.

Well now that my groveling is over, I feel a whole lot better; sorry to take everyone down that guilt ridden path I was on, oh the pain. :)

Well we had a great new year, if you read Kate's blog you will hear all about the berries that we ate, they were from CSI, it’s funny.

My daughter is doing very well with potty training, and last night we were getting ready to go to bed and she said I have to go to potty. I told her good girl, she said "be right back", (when she says be right back it's cute cause she puts her hand in your face so you know to stay, I have been trained very well by our two year old.) I thought right on man she is really doing it all by herself, that is sweet. So I sat at the end of the bed, you know giving her some privacy, letting her do her thing. But, it sure was taking a long time, I yelled out, "Tay are you okay"? she said, "yes Nay Nay" (oh, stop rewind, dang I forgot to tell you all this is the name Kate and I came up with for Taya and the boys to call me, it means parent in some other language) so anyways, back to my story, she said, "I am fine, just going Potty". I thought; cool, but Kate poked me and said why don't you go check on her, I went to the bathroom and about died laughing. My daughter was sitting on the toilet and looking at a magazine, it was so funny the picture is below. So after I stopped laughing I asked her if she was done, and she said, "I am reading the paper". lol

So moral of this story, I guess your kids pick up on a lot more of our little qwerks then we know. lol

Hey everyone have a great day and thanks for all the comments they are great.

This is Taya reading the paper!
Kate's Best Friend upset with me, about my blog. I am so scared.