Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am in Trouble!

Well good morning to all of you..

Well remember on my last blog I was wondering if I crossed the rude line with that comment about no one being able to cook? How I was hoping no one in my family would read the blog, hee hee.

Well Kate's best friend Ann was over here, along with my mom, (can you feel it?) yeah, so the love of my life is telling them, "have you seen our blogs"? OHHHHHH, crap I thought, and sure enough I got a whole lot of guff. Ann said "who was just eating snacks at my house the other night, I made you guy’s snacks and you liked them". Well just between you and me, I have no clue how she put those beautiful cellophane wrappers on those cupcakes, and the cheese that she so evenly placed on those Cheetos was so tasty, her talent is untapped, how could I have forgotten? So Ann if you are reading this, your talent amazes me in the kitchen, and I am humbly sorry, please forgive me. Maybe this week you can make me some Funyons or something. :) I love you.

Well now that my groveling is over, I feel a whole lot better; sorry to take everyone down that guilt ridden path I was on, oh the pain. :)

Well we had a great new year, if you read Kate's blog you will hear all about the berries that we ate, they were from CSI, it’s funny.

My daughter is doing very well with potty training, and last night we were getting ready to go to bed and she said I have to go to potty. I told her good girl, she said "be right back", (when she says be right back it's cute cause she puts her hand in your face so you know to stay, I have been trained very well by our two year old.) I thought right on man she is really doing it all by herself, that is sweet. So I sat at the end of the bed, you know giving her some privacy, letting her do her thing. But, it sure was taking a long time, I yelled out, "Tay are you okay"? she said, "yes Nay Nay" (oh, stop rewind, dang I forgot to tell you all this is the name Kate and I came up with for Taya and the boys to call me, it means parent in some other language) so anyways, back to my story, she said, "I am fine, just going Potty". I thought; cool, but Kate poked me and said why don't you go check on her, I went to the bathroom and about died laughing. My daughter was sitting on the toilet and looking at a magazine, it was so funny the picture is below. So after I stopped laughing I asked her if she was done, and she said, "I am reading the paper". lol

So moral of this story, I guess your kids pick up on a lot more of our little qwerks then we know. lol

Hey everyone have a great day and thanks for all the comments they are great.

This is Taya reading the paper!
Kate's Best Friend upset with me, about my blog. I am so scared.

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  1. I love reading your blog. Your so funny! And oh my gosh, that picture of Taya is great! When she's 16 you can use that as blackmail! HA!
    Heard your sick, hope you feel better soon!