Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I did not do so well.

I attempted to put pictures on the other night, and as you can see there is no pictures. lol

We had a great Christmas, my parents came over along with some friends, and my brother and his family. We seem to always be the hosts on every holiday, I think its because Kate is the only one that has talent in the cooking area. :) she is the best cook. (dang I hope no one is reading this in my family, I might have crossed that rude line.) :)

This was Taya first Christmas, when presents were a lot of fun. That girl figured it out, she was so excited. Kate and I were just as excited, we decided for the week before Christmas that we were Jewish and opened presents all week long. I love being Jewish on Christmas. Taya would wake up every morning and say wanna open present? I would say, SURE bubala (not sure how to spell it, boob a la), ha ha

We really had a wonderful Christmas, the boys got a lot of stuff that they wanted and Life is good that is for sure. Bryce got a Letterman jacket for his letter that he got playing high school football, so that was really cool. We told him this whole story that he was not getting one, and then YEAH he opened that big ol' box and the smile on him was 10 miles long. Now you have to admit a smile on Mr. Cool Teenage guy, that was a total slam dunk.

You know we are extremely out of control when we get to mess with our kids, hey the way I figure it, its paybacks for dealing with one of them in a bad mood, crazy fighting with brothers days, and days that the tears flow over just a glance from us, man I hate those sensitive days. lol
But, anyways Toby got a laptop, well we had it wrapped up and in our room, and not under the tree. hee hee - Well he was passing presents out like some kind of lunatic and when we finally got to the last of them, he was just sitting there with this sad face. Then Kate asked him what is wrong? He told us nothing while still looking at the floor with this sad look on his face. I told him did you get lots of cool stuff, and he told us he did still with this extremely sad look on his face. Then his mama could not take it anymore, and said you know I think there is one more present. lol - so long story short he got his laptop, and we turned that frown upside down. ha ha

Well I am still working on pictures, and I will add some, when I get myself into gear.

Thanks and everyone have a great day.

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  1. Sounds like the kiddles had a fantastic Christmas!

    We got to mess with our big boys about Rock Band. We had ordered it, and they delivered it, you know - the UPS guy knocks on the door and runs away - so Jayk our 8 year old went to the door - and there was Rock Band. We were so ticked that they didn't put it in another box. So we told them we were sending it back, actually went as fas as a pretend phone call to WalMart to set up a pick up time. We set it up in our basement where the Wii is - and needless to say they were quite shocked to find it Christmas morning!

    Hope your New Years is GREAT!!