Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well here goes...

I have decided to go ahead and try this out. My beautiful wife, Kate, just started this whole blogging thing and said why don't you try it, okay I said.

Well let me fill you up with a little about myself and my family and then just take it from there. I am a total yacker, I make Kate crazy a lot of times because my thoughts I think go around in my head like aimless ping pong balls. There are times when they bump into each other and it reminds me of something as I am explaining something else. So word to the wise don't get frustrated with my blog just be patient and I will get to the point eventually. lol

My name is Jen and my wife is Kate we have been married now going on 6 years now, she is my very best friend and the most amazing mom to our 5 kids, yep - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 4 boys and one little girl, hey you can still count them on one hand that is good. Kate gave birth to all 5 of them - the 4 boys were done in the doctors office and our little girl we did ourselves, it was great. My Kate is such a good mom, she is a rule follower I am total opposite rule breaker. I will give you an example we split up the week on whose turn to get up with the boys for school, ok this is a lot of work for one thing. She is like Snow White singing in the morning telling them get up, making sure they have teeth brushed, hair combed, and clothes matching before they leave on the bus. Then its Jen's day, and all hell breaks loose, we get up late, we don't sing its like a gnarly old troll - (you remember the troll dolls that you rolled in your hands and the hair would go crazy) yeah well that is me. We all get up the boys are wearing god only knows what, sometimes pants with out buttons, shirts with holes, or shorts (even in the winter) - a time or two they have gotten out of here with some major high waters. lol - Yes, I am not a morning person and it takes me forever to get that motor running. So, when the boys come home from school you can imagine Snow Whites facial expression. lol

We are a good team though she is the worrier and I am calm, she stresses out and I tell her no worries. She keeps us grounded when I think there is no limits. She is rock in our family. We compliment each other very well, and are completely in love. We pass that love on to our kids, and have a wonderful family. My boys are all amazing at sports, and have great personalities. My daughter she is the ruler of our home, she is two years old going on 20 and thinks that the world is here for her entertainment.

Bryce is 14 years old, and is the leader of the cools in our family. If Bryce does not think something is cool then no one thinks it is. He is a good kid, so easy going, and loves to have fun, and has a love for football and is great at wrestling. He has his first real girlfriend and I am not sure how to handle it yet. Its funny because when she comes over he gets stiff as a board and quite, now what the heck Bryce is far from quite. So, its very cute that he is so shy around her, oh please God let it stay that way. :)

Toby is 11 years old, now this guy is the smart guy, he is the kid that you think your talking in code to other adults and he says I know what you guys are talking about. ha ha - He cracks me up, and is also a great football player, and so much fun to talk to, he has an amazing sense of humor.

Trey is 9 years old, He is a twin with Dilly - Trey is the good looking guy in school that all the girls like and all the boys thought was cool. He is an amazing quarterback, and very smart. Trey is my small fry, we have a joke running that he is small fry and I am big fry, well the sad part is that he is only nine years old and almost taller then me. So I am sure by 5th grade I will have to wear the small fry name.

Dilly is 9 years old, the other twin, this kid is the most loving snugly child you will ever meet. His baby sister just loves him. He was the baby of the family before Taya came along, so its been a big change for him. He is a great football player also, but really wrestling is his thing. He gets this crazy look in his eyes and attacks these kids like a raging lunatic. Its kind of funny to watch. He is a really good kid, and a lot of fun to be around.

Taya is 2 years old, yes there is quite an age gap, yes we are crazy. But, she is such an amazing little girl. She has been quite the handful for her mother and I. She is the wild child, she makes us laugh a lot, she dances anytime music comes on, and not just a normal dance, like something you would see on late night BET. She has the groove going on, shakes her hips like no ones business, its funny. She is so much like her mama, she acts like her, looks like her and even has a beautiful smile like her mama.

Well that is a little bit about my family, I am going to put some pictures up of them here in a minute. I have yacked on long enough at this point, so I am going to sign off for now and I will have more tomorrow, good night all.


  1. I get to be your first comment baby- I love you!

  2. Hey you guys sound like a fun family! Let's get to those pictures!

  3. Nice to meet you Jen! Love your sense of humor!!