Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy Week!!!

Well hello all,

I am writing to tell some crazy stuff going on this week.

First off my two year old daughter, oh my she has been doing awesome at potty training. Well the other day, she told me that she had to go potty. I waited for a while, and no sign from her, so I called out to her, and no answer, I peeked in and I about dropped to the floor laughing. Taya was standing at the toilet, pinching her stomach, and said, "I have a wiener and I am going pee."
I just about died, number one, where she learned the word wiener I have no clue. The girl watches Barney, and Dora. So unless Boots (the monkey on Dora) is talking about his little monkey wiener, its beyond me. I had Kate come look, and Taya just looked at us both like we were the ones that were dorks. lol

Oh my do we have our work cut out for us with her, she is going to be three next month. I love having a little girl, probably because I don’t understand her at all. It’s a new world for me, but it’s so fun. Just like this morning Kate was not feeling well so I had to get her ready for school, and between the two of us we picked out an outfit that seemed to match and I combed her hair. She kind of had that Madonna look with the pony to the side, and hair sticking out all over. ha ha Oh my little girl I just love the turds out of her.

We will be sitting in the car, and a song comes on that she likes and she just starts dancing, and grooving. She does it everywhere the grocery store, restaurants, and just in the house in front of the TV. She has such an amazing personality; she will hum, and sing all the time. She loves to dance, and she shakes her little butt, and it’s so funny.

Taya has been doing great at dance class, she loves marching around with the other little girls, doing the whole toe, heel, shuffle thing. lol I love my little dancer, she is so much like her mama. She also loves to entertain people, she loves to make you laugh, and the funny part about it, I do laugh at her, we laugh all the time, I laugh out loud with a two year old. She will do crazy stuff, like she loves to announce that she has to fart. I know it’s not lady like, but it’s really funny (luckily she is shy in the public, so far anyways). This I have no question about who she learned this from, (her brothers) they are maniacs with the tooting thing. Boys and farting it’s like some kind of Olympic Games. Who can blow them the loudest and most solid? I am happy that they are all having healthy tooters, I guess. lol

Then we have the next youngest, Dylan. Oh, my Dilly he is such a cool guy, I love him so very much. He had decided a while ago that he wanted to grow out his hair, YIKES! Well, Kate and I had decided a while ago that with our children we would totally have to choose our battles with them, and hair is not a big deal it always grows out. They all have done different stuff to their hair; we have had Mohawks, different color hair, long hair, buzz hair, even a reverse Mohawk (Trey got a hold of the clippers when he was little, ha ha ). There have been some funky hair days in our house. lol

Well back to my story so my Dylan, he did this whole long hair thing, and oh it was, well let’s just it was not his best look. So, we have not said a word, but thought it all the time. lol - Well Monday night he finally said, “Mama will you give me a hair cut?"
As Kate and I did a high five behind his back, she said, "Sure Dylan, go get my stuff."

So my Dylan is back, and his hair looks great. lol

I am attaching the before and after photos, ahhhhhh kids, life is never dull my friends.

Have a great day.

Dylan before his hair cut.
Dylan after his hair cut, much better!


  1. Cute kid lady. Thanks for taking great care of while I was sick- 2 trips to the ER were not in your plans for this week I know.

    I love you.

  2. Oh my gosh Jen. I know I say it all the time but you are hilarious. When I read you were a free lance dentist, I was like...woah! Then I continued to read...LOL!
    Yellow chicklets sound great. Then I can go around stunting my way fly gold capped teeth and be pain free. AND, you would get a vacation to Guam. It's a win win situation.

    Cant wait for my package! Kate is such a sweetie and so thoughtful!

  3. I would like to direct this to the complaint department.....

    You need to blog more. It is not like you have a job now slacker- get busy and tell the world about your anticks.

    Now!!!! :)

    I love you.