Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok, Tag I am it...:)

Well, I guess I am it, I don’t want to be the slow kid on the playground. The one that everyone picks on because I can’t keep up so I am doing my tag.

OK 10 things about me,

1) I am married to the most wonderful woman alive. I believe with all of my heart that she is my soul mate. She loves me, and believes in me, and is by far the smartest person I know. I adore her with all of my heart.

2) I love the Denver Broncos, I have always loved them. I have been a fan ever since I was a little girl, even through the really crap years. I am true blue. My wife hates them, which drives me insane. She likes the piece of crap Dallas Cowboys, she does it just to make me crazy. Maybe she will change her mind since she found my bone stash, yeah muwhahaha - I will bury her in my Jay Cutler jersey. hee hee

3) I love coffee, I just love it. There is no better drink on this earth. I can drink it all day long. Kate's parents always bring me coffee from Maui when they come to visit, or they send me care packages. It’s so very tasty, oh coffee I love you.

4) My baby brother and I have our birthday on the same day, and we are 3 years apart. He tells everyone that we are polish twins. I say "did my parents have only one favorite day in the year to do the humpty hump or what?"

5) I hate, hate, hate, OK did I mention hate, when people eat with their mouths open. It makes me crazy, I am a total nut case about this. I gave my brother a black eye when we were kids because of the way he was eating his cereal. He went and told on me to my mom, and she said, "you should have stopped eating like that, you know it makes her crazy." - She just made me explain myself later that night at church.

6) I am a total germ freak, I don’t touch anything with my hands in a public bathroom. I open doors with paper towels, and shut off sinks with them. I flush the toilets with my foot. It’s very crazy behavior. I love the airport because you don’t have to touch anything. I wash my hands so much they are dry most of the time. I also do not eat other people's cooking, if someone brings us cookies or Christmas candies I have to pretend to eat them. I don’t know why, I just can’t get myself to do it, my stomach turns. My Kate she washes her hands and her area before she cooks, and it just makes me very happy. :) I know I am a freak.

7) Next to Kate of course my Dad is my best friend. I love that guy, he is a solid role model in my life. He is so much fun to be around, and he likes to call me about 8 times a day. We love to go watch the Broncos play, or the Nuggets. He loves to laugh, and drink coffee, as do I if you remember from number 3. :)

8) I played basketball in High School and college. I was pretty good too.

9) I love scary movies, but I am a big wuss I cover my eyes and hide behind Kate, when it gets crazy, you know when the dumb people go back into the house that the killer is in. AHHHHH, oh yeah and I yell at the people in the movie, I say, "Don't go in there, run, run, run!"

10) The Fourth of July, it is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks

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