Friday, February 20, 2009

My Taya

This child, our two year old is such a turkey. She kills me with the things she says and does. This little girl is so much like her Mama, my sweet girls.

Last night I was trying to go to bed, and I came so close to getting up and blogging about her, but after my full day of standing outside naked holding my tooth brush and looking for Michelle's rock I was tired. :)

She decides to be such a love bug at the funniest times, like when I want to go to bed. So, last night she is still partying at midnight watching Barney. Yes, she still sleeps with us, we are trying to get her to sleep in her own bed, but neither one of us can out last her at night. She stays up later then her parents. Anyways she is lying beside me, and has her arm around my neck. Every time I would itch my arm, she would say, "I got it Nay Nay," and would scratch my arm for me. I would say, "Thank you Tay." Her reply is. "Your welchum." (I love how she says your welcome, it’s so cute)

So we did this for awhile, with my head and arm, I guess I was extra itchy that day, because she itched every part of my head, and arm by the time it was done. So I turned my body so that I was turned away from her, because I don’t know about you but I can only take so much torture. She will lay there and lift my eye lids, stick her finger in my nose, put her face as close to mine as she can and breath in my face until I open my eyes, and she says, “Did I scare you?”

Another thing she does which cracks me up, she will play with my hair, not gently by any means, not nice like my wife does, she reminds me of my mom when she was brushing my hair for school, in a hurry. She will just keep pulling through until I say, "Ouch," She will say, "I'm sorry," then continue through finger combing my hair.

Then we have the whole, “Nay Nay I need wahder (water) peease (please) I'm willy (really) tursty (thirsty)." So, I get her some water she gulps like she is drinking 10 gallons of the stuff, and has not had a drop of water for 2 weeks. While I am standing there as she is drinking her wahder she stops to tell me that she likes my drasses (OK this one took me time, she had to point to them, my GLASSES).

So finally I get to lie back down, and she wants to talk about what Barney is doing on the TV, it’s very exhausting with this little girl. But the funniest thing about it, I would not change it if I could she actually makes me laugh at night. She is just a nut ball, and a partier deluxe. Have a great day everyone. Jen

Does this look comfy?


  1. Cute kid- was she one of your free lance dental patients?

    I love you.

  2. You have been tagged! Go to my blog for details!

    Get busy Honey. I love you!

  3. LOL at your rock hunting nakes with a toothbrush! MUAHWHAHAHAH!

    She sounds like such a sweetie. Love that picture. Enjoy every second. Soon she will be grown up and sleeping in her own bed. :(

  4. lol..loved her "did i scare you?" I can totally picture it and it cracks me right up!

  5. BTW I also have a Trey..well his name is Treyston but we call him Trey :-)