Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Beautiful Wife!

Hello all, I am horriable about blogging, but I am blessing you all today. YEAH!!!

I have decided today that I am going to talk about the most important person in my life, the love of my life, my soul mate, my one and only, my Kate.

Today, I sat with Kate in Divorce court for her best friend, and it really got my thoughts going. Well, number one it’s so dang boring in there, you can’t have any snacks, drinks, and you cannot talk. I have a hard time with all of this. I am a snacker, and a yacker. :) It just surprised me that these two people that just a year ago had promised each other, and their families to love for better or worse, hated each other so much. It surprised me at how selfish they both were, fighting over material things that don’t really matter. It gave my heart a smile as I looked to my left and there sat someone who was the complete opposite, how did I get so lucky to marry such a wonderful woman.

Just setting in there I just started thinking about how lucky I am. I am married to the most unselfish person alive. My sweetheart is one of those people that will get you what you need before you even realize that you need it. She amazes me with the caring and companionate heart she has. She is always thinking of others and putting their needs before hers.

She is always helping someone out, or making someone feel special in her own wonderful ways. Just the other day there is a girl in her group; I think most of you know she runs a battered woman’s group. Well the girl is pregnant and was turning 21, and really bummed out that she could not celebrate her 21st birthday. So my wife goes and gets her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, and gets candles, and has a little party for her. The girl was so happy, and so surprised, it was great.

When Kate and I got together, I fell head over heels for her. She is one of those people that just suck you in and you feel like you have been in a dream, and you don’t ever want it to end. I could never get enough of her, I still can’t. The minute she would get off the phone with me or would leave me, I could not wait until I would get to see or talk to her again. She has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things in this life; she has also taught me so much about myself. She has showed me what it really means and feels like to be deeply in love. She has loved me unconditionally, and accepted me for who I am good and bad; she has taken my life and turned it upside down, for the better. She has shown me the joys of loving and getting loved in return.

My Kate is such a wonderful, loving, patient, and kind mama, there so much love is in her eyes when she looks at our children. She always makes sure the kids know she loves them, and they love her so much. She never passes up a moment to kiss or hug them, even our oldest, and he loves it just as much as the little ones. She has given me a blue print of the kind of parent that I strive to be.

She has opened her heart to my family, and has treated them so wonderful, (I think they like her way more then they like me, not kidding.) :) - I have been threatened with my life not to mess it up with her by my mom, YIKES!

Then today, her best friend asks her to come to court with her for her divorce. The whole day was spent sitting on a hard bench. She did not even think about it, she was there because Ann needed her.

She keeps in touch with her foster kids, and truly loves them, sends them care packages, letters, calls them to check on them. She worries about them when they have not called in a while. She took kids into her home, and treated them as her own; these are kids that everyone else had given up on.

My wife has about 4 or 5 people that she knows from either church or old friends that have made bad choices, or had bad circumstances, and ended up in prison. Now, most people would write these people off, and say what horrible people they are, and how they are a waste, not my wife. She writes each of them letters every couple of days, and sends them money for their books. She treats them with respect, and helps them when the world seems so cold and hard. She offers a loving caring attitude, and friendship that each and every one of them treasures.

My love is also treasure for the PTO, not for one of our kid’s schools, but for three of them. She volunteers in each of the boys classrooms, and teaches the older kids about Safe Date. She is good at that juggling act also, she can do like five or six different tasks at one time, it’s amazing to watch. I can barley do one thing at a time; in fact there have been days where I have had to be her for the day. HOLY CRAP, I swear when the day ends I fall to pieces. :)

I know I am leaving a whole bunch of things out, but it would take me years to write all the wonderful things this beautiful wife of mine does for others, and the joy she brings to this world. She has touched so many lives, and has shown so many people what it means to be cared for and loved. She lights up the room with her beautiful smile and her laugh, oh she has a great laugh, and it’s contagious. She is a lot of fun to be around, she can always make me laugh, and can turn a gloomy day to rainbows and sunshine. (Oh so corny) But it’s true.

Well as you can tell I love this woman with everything that I have. I do love you my wife, and I think you such a blessing here on earth. The love in my heart for you is never ending, I am so grateful that God has blessed my life and put you in it. You are the greatest gift that I have ever received, and I will spend my life showing you how grateful I am for you.

Well have a great night everyone, I thought I would just share a little about an amazing woman that I have the honor of calling my wife.



  1. Oh Baby- this was a sweet and beautiful post- but yoy need to get a hobby- besides me. :)

    You are a great husband, friend, lover, and parent- so it makes what I do easy because I have great support from you.

    I love you and am so thankful for the love we share, the great kids we have, our great animals that we are able to share our lives with, and the wonderful life we are blessed to live.

    I love you so much. Now blog about something funny!

  2. This post makes me smile. You are one lucky husband/dentist/porn star.

    All kidding aside though, I often wonder almost every day how I got so lucky with my husband. Off all girls he chose me, little ole plain boring me. How incredibly lucky you and I are to have someone that is so real.

    Kate is a great person and Im glad she and you are my friends.